A delicious filling soup made with red bell pepper and spicesthis will be a filling and conforting soup for all.

Preparation Time:10 minutes

Cooking Time:10 minutes



·        Red Bell Pepper-1

·        Onion-1

·        Tomato-1

·        Savorit Pasta-1/4 cup

·        Black Pepper Powder-1/2 tsp

·        Dried Mixed spices-1/2 tsp

·        Salt-to taste

·        Oil-1 tsp

·        Fresh Basil Leaves-for garnish


·        Roast red bell pepper directly on the flame.Once cooled peel the skin off.Chop it and keep it ready for future use.

·        In a pan add oil followed by chopped onion and tomato.

·        Let it cool.Place now fried onion, tomato and chopped red bell pepper.

·        In a small pan add water to boil.Add pasta and cook well.Strain and keep it aside.

·        In the pan add pureed mixture of red bell pepperonion and tomato.Add water,say about a quqter cup if it is too thick.

·        Add salt,black pepper powder and dried spices.

·        Lastly add cooked pasta and garnish it with freshly chopped basil leaves.