A tasty and filling soup with pumpkin puree and pasta enriched with cream.



·        Red Pumpkin-1/4 kg

·        Potato-1

·        Savorit Macaroni Pasta-1/2 cup

·        Oil-1 tsp

·        Onion-1

·        Ginger-garlic Paste-1/2 tsp

·        Fresh Cream-2 tsp

·        Red Chili powder-1/2 tsp

·        Italian Spice Mix-1/2 tsp

·        Salt-to taste


·        In a pan add oil .Once it gets heated add ginger garlic paste. Add now chopped onion.

·        Chop pumpkin into cubes .Take skin off potato and chop it into cubes as well. Cook it in a cup of water.

·        After the veggies have softened cool them and place it in a blender. Blend them into a puree.

·        Transfer the puree in the pan. Add red chili powder.

·        Add now Italian spice mix followed by salt.

·        After simmering for 5 minutes add fresh cream.

·        Meanwhile, in a pan of boiling water add pasta. Let it cook for 5=10minutes.

·        Once cooked strain it and add to the soup.

·        Mix well and serve immediately.