A tasty and green soup out of spinach along with pasta completes a meal. Try this Italian Soup with spices and herbs. This is a very healthy soup with no oil content.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 10 minutes


·        Spinach-1 bunch

·        Tomato-2

·        Savorit pasta-1/4 cup

·        Oregano-1/2 tsp

·        Black Pepper Powder-1/2 tsp

·        Dried Basil-1/2 tsp

·        Salt-to taste


·        Clean spinach leaves and cook them in a pan of water. Add chopped tomatoes to the boiling mixture.

·        Once cooled discard water and grind them to a puree.

·        Add oregano, black pepper powder, dried basil and salt to taste.

·        Boil till the mixture thickens.

·        In another pan add a cup of water to boil. Add pasta and cook.

·        Once the pasta is cooked add it to the soup.

·        Serve immediately.